Here’s a workaround or more like an alternative. This requires additional setup steps on the Windows XP Pro Printer Server. With this alternative printing, to me, I don’t care anymore whether this (I guess SMB) printing is fixed or not. This uses the LPD system which was around since the BSD Unix days.


In Windows XP Pro:


1. Add some Windows components that are not added by default.

Start Control Panel

Select Add or Remove Programs

Select Add/Remove Windows Components

Check Other Network File and Print Services

– may require access to XP Pro Install CD (need lpdsvc.dll file)


2. Verify installation of additional components

Start Services and find TCP/IP Print Server

– make sure it is started, then right click and select Properties

– change Startup type: from Manual to Automatic

– while in Services, make sure IPSEC, Print Spooler, and RPC are started with Startup Type of Automatic (these are dependencies)


3. Configure Firewall (necessary)

Go back to Control Panel and select Network and Internet Connections

Select Windows Firewall

Click Exceptions Tab and check File and Print Sharing if not checked

Click Add Port… (most likely LPD port is not in your exception)

– Enter the following…

– Name: Line Printer Daemon

– Port Number: 515

– Leave TCP selected then press OK

– You can optionally click on scope and select My Network (subnet) only


XP shared printer should now be ready for LPD.


In Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks:


1. Start System Preferences

2. Select Printers & Scanners

3. Click on the + sign

Select IP

Enter IP address of your Windows XP Pro Printer Server

– as soon as a complete IP address is entered, a connection will be made, notice status in the screen

Protocol: should be left as Line Printer Daemon – LPD

Leave the Queue: blank if you’ll be using default printer, otherwise enter the printer’s sharename

By default Name: will be the IP address, which is fine but you can enter the sharename of a non-default printer if that is the case

Select your appropriate printer driver in the Use: item, then click Add


That’s it, start testing…


Useful Notes::

Since IP address will be used in this setup, it is recommended to configure your router to reserve IP address for your Windows XP Pro Printer Server. In this case, the Print Server will have a more permanent address.

Printing to a Windows shared printer (which was working in Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion) is not affected in this setup. A different mechanism to work-around the issue in Mavericks is totally a separate protocol. Fortunately, Windows XP Pro is capable of running LPD protocol.