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Visa voor muzikanten buiten de EU

Altijd handig om te weten als muzikant en je moet optreden of werken in het buitenland. Hieronder kun je informatie opzoeken. Als artiest moet je in ieder geval een “non-immigrant visa” aanvragen. Hier vind je de info: https://amsterdam.usconsulate.gov/mobile/non-immigrant_visas.html Als je de informatie volgt op deze link, dan kom p-visum terecht. Je moet hoogstwaarschijnlijk ook nog naar […]

256KB Memory Card IBM

I have an IBM 5150 which I restored. It had a bad CGA card and thanks to Ebay I could fix it 🙂 Nice isn’t it?         Now, in that machine there’s a card: 256KB Memory Card and when you turn on the IBM it counts to 256KB. That’s the onboard memory. […]

Commodore 128 repair resources

Power Supply Unit (PSU): Looking at Commodore 128 case: GROUND ——-4         3—– 9VAC 5———- 9VAC +5VDC —–1       2—– NO CONNECTION Or in mirror when looking at the plug of the PSU: 9VAC ——-3         4—– GROUND 5———- 9VAC NO CONNECTION   —–2       1—– +5VDC Checking if your PSU is working: – measure on pin 1 […]

Welkom op mijn blog / site!

Hoi, mijn naam is Angelo, Ik ben een retro computer verzamelaar (van met name Commodore computers), ben eigenaar van TASK4 Studios en ben ook toetsenist in diverse bands. Op deze pagina’s vind je vooral informatie over retro computers en gadgets. Voor muziek kun je meer vinden op Soundcloud en Forza Coverband. En de rest vind […]

I bought a Texas Instruments TI99/4A

Like the title says. However I don’t know how to connect the diskdrives. I bought a very complete TI99 set from a woman whose (late -i think) husband worked for Texas Instruments. The thing is, that I don’t know how to connect all the peripherals. I know how to connect the tape, tv. But there’s […]

Restoring an IBM 5150 computer

Hi there, you are probably here because Google found some nice content about IBM 5150 and hardware. Well, that’s right, because I’m installing a MFM harddisk (Microscience HH-725) into a 5150 computer. In the picture you see the IBM that will get the harddisk. I bought the hh-725 from a guy together with a controller. […]

IBM 5150 findings

Hi there, As a retro computer collector I’ve found out several things about those old computers. One of those is the IBM 5150. And sometimes it’s hard to find information about configuration and what’s possible and what’s not. So I will dedicate this post to findings for my (but also your) reference. IBM 5150 mainboard […]